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Tall Trees

Grand rooms with high ceilings and large outdoor environments beg for trees that make a dramatic impact. Finding an appropriately-sized, environmentally friendly real Christmas Tree can be a challenge. Honey Bear offers two grades of Tall Trees, from 10' to over 20'tall. Pre-order and pre-purchase your tree to ensure you have the greatest selection and eliminate last-minute hassles.

Plan ahead to find the perfect tall Christmas tree

Choose, order and pre-purchase Premium Tall Trees from June through October. These special Noble Firs, Nordmann Fir and Natural Nobles up to 15' tall and require special handling arrangements. All are U.S. Department of Agriculture “Premium” grade ensuring maximum Honey Bear quality.

Order and pre-purchase Number 1 Grade Tall Trees during November and December. These trees come in a number of green varieties and range from 10-ft. to 15-ft. tall. They may also be purchased directly from the Honey Bear Tree lot (subject to availability) or contact us to schedule a site visit for us to assess the ideal size and location for your Tall Tree.

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Additional tall trees services

  • Advance delivery date selection

  • Easy delivery and set up on location

  • Custom engineered tree stands for maximum stability

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